The Guild of Harald Bluetooth was founded in 2014 to share information about the Vikings, western Zealand and Denmark, and foster friendship and meetings between people of different cultures and nations.The guild is named after Viking King Harald Bluetooth, the first ruler of Denmark. King Harald oversaw the construction of the Viking fortress Trelleborg in 980 AD (the present-day site of member admission ceremonies), from where he encouraged trade and international relations on western Zealand.
The Guild of Harald Bluetooth carries on this vision. Members are invited to join based on their international connections, having a positive and inspiring life attitude, and a desire to promote the guild. Those wearing the pin with the guild’s logo come from all walks of life—ambassadors, artists, executives and leaders—from various countries. To allow others to share in this unique experience, members may nominate their associates for admission.
Join the Guild of Harald Bluetooth to meet dynamic, interesting people. Enjoy a wealth of new connections, two annual meetings, and the chance to exchange stories and experiences with exciting people from all over the world.