The Guild of Harald Bluetooth was founded in 2014. We share information about the Vikings, western Zealand and Denmark, and foster friendship and cross-cultural cooperation.

The guild is named after the first ruler of Denmark, a Viking known as King Harald Bluetooth. To encourage trade and international relations on western Zealand, King Harald oversaw the construction of the Viking fortress Trelleborg in 980 AD. This is the present-day site of member admission ceremonies.

The Guild of Harald Bluetooth carries on his vision. Members are invited to join based on international connections, a positive and inspirational attitude, and a desire to promote the guild. Members come from all walks of life from many countries—ambassadors, artists, executives and leaders. To allow others to share in this unique experience, members may nominate their associates for admission.

Join the Guild of Harald Bluetooth to meet dynamic, interesting people. Enjoy a wealth of new connections, two annual meetings, and the chance to exchange stories and experiences with exciting people from around the world.


The Guild of Harald Bluetooth CHARTER
§ 1. Name
Guild of Harald Bluetooth § 2. Headquarters
Slagelse Municipality, Denmark

§ 3. Purpose
The purpose is to develop an international business and cultural network. The inspiration comes from King Harold Bluetooth, who established a Viking settlement at Trelleborg. This was the foundation for western Zealand trade and international relations development.
The Guild of Harald Bluetooth promotes in the best spirit: - western Zealand’s cultural identity - the viking settlement Trelleborg and general awareness of the Viking Age - Slagelse Municipality and western Zealand (Good Branding) - Cross-cultural friendship with people around the world

§ 4. Guild Membership Fee, Capital Contributions and Operations
The membership fee is set by the board of directors and is paid in a lump sum that covers admission costs and lifetime membership.
The guild is funded through sponsorship and advertising support, and by contributions from the public sector, private companies, foundations, other associations, institutions and private individuals.
Profits are used to fulfill the guild’s purpose, followed by charitable use at the board of directors’ discretion.

§ 5. Liability
Guild expenses are paid solely by guild funds. Members and founders have no right to any portion of guild funds.

§ 6. Members
Prospective Members: - Danes with international connections who can generate further international contacts and support the guild’s purpose - Foreigners who will represent the guild and its purpose as ambassadors in their own countries
A person may not apply for admission. He or she must be invited by the board of directors or existing members. The admission of a new member requires two sponsors. The board of directors makes the final decision.
Members may identify themselves as guild members by wearing the pin. They may also use guild facilities.
Members will be kept up to date on guild news via the webpage and/or direct mail correspondence.

§ 7. Board of Directors
The board consists of 8 members from west Zealand with international connections. While the board seeks an equal distribution of age and gender, one seat is always reserved for the sitting mayor of Slagelse.
Board membership is for life or until the member chooses to step down.
If illness prevents a board member from performing his duties, the board will choose a replacement after input from the alderman, chairman and vicechairman.
The board membership consists of the alderman, the chairman, the vicechairman and the treasurer. The alderman is always the board’s eldest member. If the alderman dies or steps down, then he is replaced with the board’s eldest member. Anyone older than the alderman may not be voted on to the board.
Minutes of meetings will be taken by a designated person from the Slagelse Business Center. As such, the guild secretary will never be a member of the board of directors. The secretary will be present at all meetings.

§ 8. Board of Directors Meetings
The board holds 4-6 meetings annually. The board may also meet when the chairman and alderman deem it necessary, or when at least 3 members request a meeting.
Four members in attendance constitute a quorum and motions are passed by a simple majority. In a tie, the alderman—or in his stead, the chairman—or in his stead, the vice-chairman—has the deciding vote.
The secretary writes the minutes of the meeting and sends them to the board. If there are no objections within 14 days, the minutes are approved.

§ 9. Partners
Guild partners, other supporters and members are updated simultaneously.

§ 10. Annual Membership Meeting
The annual membership meeting is held no later than April.

Meeting Agenda:
1. Meeting Leader Nomination
2. Alderman’s Welcome
3. Chairman’s Report on the preceding year, including membership status
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Report on any changes to the board of directors
6. Upcoming Plans
7. Additional Business
8. Adjournment 

After the membership meeting, a dinner is served.
Minutes of the meeting are distributed to the members. The minutes are written in Danish, with a summary provided in English.

§ 11. Signing Authority
The alderman and the chairman have signing authority.
The treasurer has access to guild funds.

§ 12. Accounting
The accounting year is the calendar year.

§ 13. Dissolution
The guild may be dissolved if at least 3/4 of the board members agree—at two consecutive board meetings with at least 14 days, and at the most 30 days between them.
On dissolution of the guild, the funds will be distributed in the manner prescribed in § 4.

§ 14. Charter Amendments
Amendments require a 3/4 approval vote by the board of directors.

Approved by the Guild of Harold Bluetooth Board of Directors on March 11, 2020
Finn Berggren
Jens Grønkjær
Svend-Erik Kristensen
Birgitte Dinesen
John Dyrby Paulsen
Anette Borg
Lis Tribler
Martin Smirnov Vølund