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Our logo and its meaning

The logo is circular, and must illustrate 2 things.
Firstly, the facility at Trelleborg is circular, and secondly, King Harald Bluetooth was master of the mint, as a coin minted by him has been found at the facility, which has thus been chosen as a counterpart to the Logo. The logo, like the found coin, illustrates the facility with the 12 longhouses that were on the facility at the time of minting.

The gold ring around the castle illustration is also a find from the facility, and gives a worm-stung and impressive effect as an edge on an otherwise circular logo.
From the center (solarplexus) of the facility, a symbiosis has clearly been created between Harald Bluetooth, which signals

  • • Access to everything
  • • Quick access
  • • Worldwide connections

And the Danish Vikings, led by King Harald Bluetooth, who

  • gained access to everything by invading countries all over the world
  • Created world-spanning connections
  • Fast, flexible and constant

The letters H (Nordic H), B and L for ‘Harald Blåtands Laug) are built into the logo on the median of the longhouse illustration.
Harald Bluetooth Guild is written in the Rusticana typeface, which seems like a “half rune script” but readable and “old” in appearance.
Founded in 2014 is written and spelled in English, as Harald Bluetooth Guild must work and function internationally, world wide.


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