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Statutes of Harald Bluetooth's Guild – Charter

§ 1. Name

Harald Bluetooth’s Guild.

§ 2. Home

The seat of the guild is Slagelse Municipality, Denmark.

§ 3. Purpose

Harald Bluetooth’s Guild is a local, national and international business and cultural network, inspired by the Viking king Harald Bluetooth, whose vision is to support the following:

  • West Zealand’s cultural identity
  • Trelleborg Viking Castle and knowledge of the Viking Age in general
  • Branding of Slagelse Municipality and West Zealand
  • Cultural meeting and friendship in a global world (connecting people)

§ 4. Guild dues, capital, and operations

Membership fees are set by the Guild Board and paid in the form of a lump sum that covers admission costs and lifelong membership.

The guild is also financed by sponsorship and advertising support as well as contributions from public authorities and private companies, foundations, other associations, institutions and private persons.

Profits shall be used primarily for the fulfilment of the purpose of the Guild, secondarily for charitable purposes at the discretion of the Guild Board.

§ 5. Liability

For the obligations incumbent on the Guild, the assets of the Guild shall be solely liable.

The members of the Guild or its founders have no right to any part of the Guild’s assets.

§ 6. Members

Members are admitted:

  • local and national people with international relations, who can create international contacts and support the purpose of the Guild
  • international persons who in their respective countries may be ambassadors for Harald Bluetooth’s Guild and the Guild’s purpose.

You cannot apply for admission, but can be invited on the initiative of the Guild Board or existing members.

The guild board decides sovereignly who can be admitted as members.

Members have the right to expose their affiliation to the Guild by wearing the Guild’s pin, as well as the opportunity to use the facilities provided by the Guild.

Members will be kept informed about the Guild’s affairs via the Guild’s website, as well as by newsletters sent by email.

§ 7. Guild Board

The guild board consists of 8 members, all of whom are people from West Zealand with international relations. The aim is to achieve an equal distribution of age and gender, however, one of the seats will be filled by the current mayor of Slagelse Municipality.

Membership of the Guild Board is lifelong or until the member chooses to resign.

If a member of the Guild Board should be affected by illness which prevents him or her from performing his or her functions in the Guild Board, the Guild Board shall take the initiative to elect a replacement on the recommendation of the Guild’s Alderman, Guild Chairman and Guild Vice-Chairman.

The Guild Board is constituted after the Guild Assembly with Alderman, Guild Chairman, Guild Vice-Chairman and Guild Treasurer. It is customary for the oldest member of the Guild Board to be Alderman.

It is customary for the oldest member of the Guild Board to be Alderman.

It is customary for the oldest member of the Guild Board to be Alderman. As a general rule, the Guild Writer will not be a member of the Guild Board. The Guild Writer participates, despite the above, in the meetings of the Guild Board.

§ 8. Board meetings of the guild

The Guild Board holds 4-6 meetings a year, and when the Guild Chairman and the Alderman deem it necessary, or when at least 3 Guild Board members request this to the Guild Chairman.

The guild board has a quorum when at least 4 members are present, and all decisions are taken by simple majority. In the event of a tie, the Alderman, or, in his absence, the Guild Chairman or, in his absence, the Guild Vice-Chairman shall have the casting vote.

A summary of the decisions of the Guild is kept and sent by the Guild Scribe to the Guild Board.

If there are no objections within 14 days, the minutes shall be deemed approved.

§ 9. Collaborators of the Guild

The Guild’s partners and other supporters are informed in line with the Guild’s members.

§ 10. Guild Assembly

Once a year, before the end of May, a Guild Assembly is held, to which all members of the Guild are invited.

At the Guild Assembly, the following points are discussed:

  1. The Alderman welcomes
  2. Meeting Leader nomination
  3. Report by the President of the Guild on the past year, including membership status
  4. Information on financial status of the Guild Treasurer
  5. Information on any changes in the Guild Board
  6. Information on plans for the coming year
  7. Additional Business
  8. The Alderman rounds off the Guild Assembly

After the Guild Assembly, a “Guild meal” is served.

Minutes of the Guild Assembly are distributed to all members, in Danish language to Danish members, and in English to foreign members.

§ 11. Right of subscription

The Alderman and the Guild President have signing authority.

The Guild Treasurer has procura to the Guild’s funds.

§ 12. Account

The fiscal year of the guild is the calendar year.

The accounts are approved by the Guild Board.

§ 13. Termination

The Guild may be dissolved if at least 3/4 of the members of the Guild Board at 2 consecutive Guild Board meetings at intervals of at least 14 and not more than 30 days so decide.

In the event of dissolution, the assets of the guild shall be used ad prescribed in §4.

§ 14. Charter Amendments

Amendments to the articles of association require that 3/4 of the members of the Guild Board vote in favour.

Approved at the Guild Board meeting on April 22nd 2024

Finn Berggren, Jens Grønkjær,

Svend-Erik Kristensen, Birgitte Dinesen,

Knud Vincents, Anette Borg,

Lis Tribler, Jacob Stryhn


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