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Public donation to support the construction of New Trelleborg

Harald Bluetooth Guild, in collaboration with Destination Sjælland, has taken the initiative to create the basis for public support for the implementation of New Trelleborg.

At the moment that Slagelse Municipality and the National Museum give the green light to start the New Trelleborg project, where a section of the original castle will be built in full size, Harald Bluetooth Guild, will invite existing networks, organizations and institutions to join a Support Group behind the public donation to New Trelleborg.

A working group has been set up on a voluntary basis, which will coordinate collection and keep the Support Group informed about developments and ideas.

Which folk gift is intended?

In consultation with the National Museum, the plan is to collect funds to cover the bridge that will go over the moat to the new section of New Trelleborg.

When the choice has fallen on the BRIDGE, it is because the bridge is a limited and visible gift that can be marked with information about Folkegaven’s contributors.

The BRIDGE will also stand as a symbol of “connection between past and present” and “Connection between local environment and Viking castle”.


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