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Harald Bluetooth's Guild Hall

Harald Bluetooth Guild uses a special guild room for all recordings and festive occasions.

Laugstuen is located in beautiful surroundings at Kragerup Estates approx. 20 minutes drive from Trelleborg.

Kragerup manor’s history can be dated back to 1327.

Since 1801, Kragerup has been inherited through nine generations of the Dinesen family.

The author Karen Blixen, née Dinesen (1885-1962), also belongs to the family and came to Kragerup in her younger days to visit the family.

The current owner is Regitze Dinesen, who in 2022 took over ownership and responsibility for Kragerup after her mother Birgitte Dinesen, Hunting Master of the Court and Lady Chamberlain and board member of Harald Bluetooth Guild.

Kragerup Gods is today both a large modern farm and a 4-star hotel and conference centre. The beautiful old vaulted cellar and old estate kitchen have been renovated and form the setting for restaurant Blixen, where Harald Bluetooth Guild has its Guild Room.

Harald_frise_til_tekster_100px bred_December2022

Copperplate etchings of paraphrase

On August 23, Korsoran visual artist and guild member Susanne Thea presented 2 copper etchings of her paraphrase of the Bayeux Tapestry to the guild. In the picture, the section shows Harald Godwinson’s coronation. The beautiful pictures are wanted to be hung up as permanent fixtures in the guild hall.

Top paraphrase, see above: Here you can see the coronation of Harald.Title: Coronation of Harald

Harold is crowned by Archbishop Stigand of Canterbury; an exceedingly ambitious man, who will not deny himself the pleasure of the table or the sweetness of power. He has advanced through the system, perhaps getting closer to the Pope. At that time, the office of archbishop came with great wealth and power. On the wall is written “In God we trust”, and the crowning is witnessed by the heavenly messengers

Bottom paraphrase, see above: Paraphrase of the Bayeux tapestry by Susanne Thea. Title: Freshly baked bread

William´s cooks serve freshly baked bread and roast chicken. The warriors use their shield for tables. Having had a good meal, the Normans are resting contentedly before the big battle. A well-fed goose has escaped the soup pot and is now standing guard at the gate so that no stranger may sneak inside.


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