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It began in 2014

Harald Bluetooth Guild was founded in 2014 to cheerfully spread knowledge of the Vikings, West Zealand and Denmark, as well as support friendship and the cultural encounter between people and nations. The guild is named after Viking King Harald Bluetooth, the first ruler of Denmark. King Harald oversaw the construction of the Viking fortress Trelleborg in 980 AD (the present-day site of member admission ceremonies), from where he encouraged trade and international relations on western Zealand. The Guild of Harald Bluetooth carries on this vision.

The members of the guild are selected and invited to be part of the guild, as emphasis is placed on the members’ international relations, a positive and inspiring outlook on life, and the desire to be ambassadors for the guild.
The admission ceremony takes place at the Viking castle Trelleborg. The members, who wear a pin with the Lauget’s logo, are everything from artists, ambassadors, association and business people, as well as leaders from many countries. Members can nominate business contacts for admission, thereby giving them a unique experience.

We are in Harald Bluetooth Guild because of the exciting people you meet. It is not about business, but about good relationships, 2 annual meetings, and the exchange of stories and experiences from all over the world.


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