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Inaguration 2nd October 2023

Photo: From the left Consul Simon Mears, Tanzania, CEO René Barington, Senior Partner Frederik Ahm Krag, Ambassador Tina Krce, Croatia, National Archivist Asbjørn Hellum, Director Jens Kristian Poulsen, Museum Manager Ruth Hedegaard, Director Søren Hansen, Ambassador Alan M Leventhal, USA, Sherry Leventhal, USA and principal Per Michael Johansen.

Photo: Deputy Mayor of Slagelse Municipality welcomes the new members at Kragerup Estate.

Photo: Estate owner Regitze Dinesen tells about Kragerup Estate.

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New members admitted on 27 September 2023

Photo: From left Marianne Stentebjerg, Anders Gjesing, Alan Thagaard, Erik Lindsøe, Pernille Hartmann Labusz, Anders Kolding and Philip Maury.

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Successful youth exchange project

Harald Bluetooth Guild can look back with great satisfaction on this summer's exchange project between Slagelse municipality and Waterford municipality in Ireland.

The exchange project has been a long time in the making, but in the spring the Guild succeeded in initiating a 5-year cooperation agreement with the great help of the Irish embassy in Copenhagen and the Danish embassy in Dublin.

In addition to Harald Bluetooth Guild, Slagelse Gymnasium, Slagelse-Antvorskov Rotary and Waterford Rotary have been involved in the process. The two latter Rotary clubs have been responsible for accommodation of the young high school students, while the program was organized by Trelleborg Museum and Harald Bluetooth Guild.

The lucky high school students who got the opportunity to learn about the respective countries' culture and Viking relations were Alexander Noort Hansen from Slagelse and Ben Aziri from Waterford.

The 18-year-old high school student Alexander Noort Hansen talks with great enthusiasm about his many experiences during his stay in Waterford. It is clear how much the great hospitality and attention from the local hosts has meant during Alexander's stay. I was introduced to places and official persons that I would never have had the opportunity to experience as an ordinary tourist, e.g. I met the mayor, says Alexander. Ireland's ambassador, Elizabet McCullough, has expressed thanks on social media for the cooperation with Slagelse Municipality and Harald Bluetooth Guild, and all parties look forward to the exchange of young people from Waterford and Slagelse Municipality in the coming years.

Photo: Ben Aziri in the middle with the Alderman, Finn Berggren and Museums director Anne Kristine Larsen in front of the Danish Parliament.


Dear members

Today - Sunday 17 September 2023 - we have received information that Unesco's World Heritage Committee, which is currently meeting in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, has decided to include the five Danish Ring Fortresses built by Harald Bluetooth on Unesco's World Heritage List.

There are 16 years of preparatory work behind the application, which in its final form constitutes a book "Nomination of Viking-Age Ring Fortresses for inclusion on the World Heritage List" of no less than 400 pages. (See photo of book).

The five ring castles, all built by Harald Bluetooth in the period 970-980, are Aggersborg by the Limfjord, Fyrkat by Hobro, Nonnebakken in Odense, Borgring in Køge and of course Trelleborg in Slagelse, the latter being considered to be the best preserved ring fortress.

Trelleborg was found as the first Ring Fortress in 1934, Aggersborg, Fyrkat and Nonnebakken were excavated in the 1950s and the last Borgring in Køge was investigated a few years ago.

The Danish Minister of Culture, Jacob Engel-Schmidt says: "It is a great day for Denmark and Danish history". On behalf of Harald Bluetooth Guild, as the Alderman, I would like to express a big congratulations to Rane Willerslev, director of the Danish National Museum and to Anne Kirstine Frank Larsen, museum director of Trelleborg Museum. We are delighted that you are both members of Harald Bluetooth guild, and it is with pride that all of us members of Harald Bluetooth guild can continue our national and international task of spreading knowledge of Harald Bluetooth Guild, Trelleborg Ring Fortress and the Viking Age.

Photo: The book ”Nomination of Viking-Age Ring Fortresses for inclusion on the World Heritage List.”


Diplomacy strongly represented – inauguration on 29 August

It was an eventful few days for Harald Bluetooth Guild.

A few days after the inauguration of Goodwill Ambassadors, the Harald Bluetooth Guild was again in Trelleborg and received no less than three ambassadors, respectively Kim Hyung Gil and his wife Soo Kyung Yun from South Korea, Kevin Ayyalaraju from Australia and Georgia's ambassador Nata Menabde. The diplomatic group was in the company of six Danish business and cultural people from all over the country as well as our local freighter Jens Ole Larsen.

Photo: The new members of Harald Bluetooth Guild (from left) former director of culture Finn Andersen, countess Judith of Rosenborg, ambassador Kerin Ayyalaraju, Australia, direktor Jesper Nygård, Realdania, count Ulrik af Rosenborg, ambassador Nata Menabde, Georgia, ambassador Kim Hyung Gil, South Korea, consulting engineer Martin Jensen, medical doctor Soo Kyung Yun, lawyer Peter Kofoed (Guild member)and freighter Jens Ole Larsen.

Photo: Hasse Ferrold


20 international Goodwill Ambassadors inaugurated in Harald Bluetooth Guild

On 27 August 2023, Harald Bluetooth Guild was able to welcome an unusual group of international business and cultural personalities who visited Trelleborg and the municipality for the first time.

It was about 20 so-called Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors from as many different countries from Tromsø in the North to Abu Dhabi and India – indeed, representing all parts of the world. The Goodwill Ambassadors, who are all Danish, have been selected by the organization Copenhagen Capacity/Greater Copenhagen based on their special opportunity and interest in promoting Zealand.

The many Goodwill Ambassadors were at home in Denmark for their annual meeting and had all accepted the offer to be accepted as members of Harald Bluetooth Guild.

The visit to the Viking Fortress and Trelleborg Museum was guided by museum director Anne Kristine Frank Larsen and Jens Grønkjær, HBL vice chairman, while Harald Bluetooth Guild prepared for their traditional inauguration ceremony.

The international Goodwill Ambassadors, many of whom had brought their spouses, continued to Kragerup Estates, where Harald Bluetooth Guild continued the inauguration ceremony. Deputy Mayor Jane Dahl welcomed and took the opportunity to talk about Slagelse Municipality and landowner Birgitte Dinesen told about the history of Kragerup Estate. The Goodwill Ambassadors were very enthusiastic about the visit and promised to promote Trelleborg and West Zealand as well as Harald Bluetooth Guild.

Photo: The international Goodwill Ambassadors, Copenhagen Capital arriving Trelleborg Viking Fortress.

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New members admitted on 28 June 2023

Billedtekst: From left: Stephen Sporrer, Ben Terence Leahy Aziri, Rachelle Keck, and James Keck.

Foto: Jens Grønkjær, scald


Danish-Irish friendship

Caption: From left: Museum inspector Anne-Christine Larsen, Alderman Finn Berggren, ambassador Ms. Elizabeth McCullough, and deputy mayor Jane Dahl.

Photo: Hasse Ferrold

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New members of The Harald Bluetooth Guild

Wednesday May 31st 2023 the Guild inaugurated 11 new members

Among the new members were the Irish ambassador Ms. Elizabeth McCullough, and vice ambassador Ms. Emily Ghadimi. The embassy has been an active party in the creation of an exchange programme, where a young Dane is sent to Ireland for a week in June, and a young Irishman the other way. Before the recording, the ambassador was received at Slagelse Town Hall by Deputy Mayor Jane Dahl.

After the inauguration the Alderman Finn Berggren welcomed the 43 participants to the Annual Meeting, held in the beautiful settings of Kragerup Estate. After the recording, the company went on to Kragerup Estates, where Harald Blåtand's Guild has its Guild Room. Here another 32 members of the Guild came together to hold the annual Guild meeting, followed by dinner in the cozy Restaurant Blixen.

Before the dinner Ms. Anne-Christine Larsen, head of the Viking Museum at Trelleborg, spoke about the effort of the Danish Ring Castles to be recognized as UNESCO World Heritage.

Photo: The New Members. From left: Jørgen Klode, Michael Andersen, Lars Fischer Rasmussen, Brian Andersen, Carsten Fich-Olsen, Emily Ghadimi, Ejvind Sandal, Sven Ole Rosenkilde, Elizabeth McCullough, Vibeke Bagger og Peter Rasmussen.

Photo: Hasse Ferrold


New members of The Harald Bluetooth Guild

The new members from left to right: Claus Østergaard Olsen, Per Ankær, Michael Bach Rasmussen, Lars Grønkjær, Henrik Sørensen, Mikhailo Vydoinyk and Arne Juul.