Harald Bluetooth Guild participated in the celebration of Hasse Ferrold

On 30 January 2023, the guild’s active ambassador Hasse Ferrold celebrated both his 75th birthday and the 20th anniversary of his successful club – International Copenhagen Club (ICC).

It happened at a festive occasion at REALDANIA, where CEO Jesper Nygård started the evening with a lively lecture about REALDANIA.

Many of Harald Bluetooth Guild members had turned up on this occasion.

In the photo, Hasse Ferrold is in the center wearing his classic jacket with emblems and surrounded by Guild members (from left) Hans Hermansen, CEO, Copenhagen Post, Finn Berggren, Alderman, and on the far right Jacob Stryhn, director and chairman of Korsør Business Association.

Multi house inaugurated at the Viking castle Trelleborg

The Board of Harald Bluetooth Guild was of course present at the inauguration of the new Multi-functional house in Trelleborg, where deputy mayor Jane Dahl gave a speech and cut the “cord” to the multi-functional house and then officially handed over the keys to museum director Anne-Christine Larsen. (see photo).

The Guild Board was pleased that both Jane Dahl and Anne-Christine Larsen are active members of Harald Bluetooth Guild.

Deputy Mayor Jane Dahl emphasized in her speech “With the Multihuset, we have also taken an important step in the work of establishing Den Genskabte Borg”.

Harald Bluetooth Guild initiates a youth exchange program with Ireland.

For several years, Harald Bluetooth Guild has been in contact with the Irish embassy regarding the possibility of a youth exchange program, where a young Dane and a young Irish person would spend a week as guests in the respective countries.

The purpose of the exchange program is to introduce the country’s culture and not least to the dissemination of the Viking Age locally and nationally.

For several years, this program has been on the desk, but the Corona era put a damper on the wheel.

Now the program has taken a long step forward.

The Irish embassy in Copenhagen and the Danish embassy in Dublin have created the official breeding ground for a contact with the City Council in Waterford, which is a few hours’ train journey south of Dublin. Waterford is known as a central area in Viking history.

Based on meetings with the City Council in Waterford, the picture is now emerging of an exchange program that will run for the next five years.

The great support from the embassies and the City Council has supported a future collaboration partly between Trelleborg Museum and Waterford Treasures Museum and partly between local Rotary clubs in Slagelse and Waterford.

The exchange program has attracted a lot of attention from Irish Tourism, who see positive development opportunities for tourism between Ireland and Denmark.

The first exchange program will be launched in the summer of 2023.

Photo above: The Elderman Finn Berggren and Anne Christine Larsen, Museums director Trelleborg Museum visiting the Mayor of Waterford City Council and Eamon McEneary, Museum Director, Waterford Treasures.


Harald Bluetooth Guild is happy about the close relations with the National Museum, which are supported here by the new members Rane Willerslev, the National Museum’s director and Henriette Dudek Povlsen, the National Museum’s deputy director.


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