On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, Harald Bluetooth’s Guild conducted the first admission here in its 10th anniversary year. We inagurated 7 new members.

Photo: From the left: Jacob Stryhn (Guild Agency), Simon Sears (Nominator), Lis Tribler (Guild Agency), Manager Leif Stiholt, Anette Borg (Guild Agency), Architect Hans Scheving, Head of Preventative Service Gorm Martin Larsen, Civil engineer Morten Rasmussen, Principal of School Kenneth Willander, Kenneth Munck (Nominator), Naval Officer Leanne Wray, Australia, Birgitte Dinesen (Guild Agency), Jens Grønkjær (Guild Agency), Former Editor-in-chief Torben Dalby Larsen, Alderman Finn Berggren (Guild Agency), and Svend-Erik Kristensen (Guild Agency).

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