The Longhouse

The spring member inaugurations have taken place in Hedebyhuset, as the Longhouse has had a new roof installed. As seen in the picture, the work on the Longhouse is nearing completion, so that the house can be used for the Viking Festival on 13-21 July 2024. After this, we can again use the Longhouse for our inaugurations.


Family day

On Saturday, June 29, 2024, Harald Bluetooth's Guild held a family day in lovely weather at the Viking castle Trelleborg. Several members had chosen to invite the family, so that we were about 40 children and adults for a well-planned program, including an exciting 5-match, led by Trelleborg's Viking Teddy.

Photo: Teddy is instructing the Alderman in archery.


Inauguration on June 27, 2024

In connection with our Irish exchange program, we were able to admit Liam Nolan, Irish exchange student, on June 27, while visiting Denmark.
Liam was accommodated with a family in Slagelse, in collaboration with Slagelse Antvorskov Rotary Club. At the same time, we admitted Alexander Noort Hansen, who was the Guild's first exchange student to Waterford, Ireland, in 2023.

Photo: From left exchange students Alexander Noort Hansen and Liam Nolan, museum director Anne-Christine Larsen, alderman Finn Berggren, and chairman Jens Grønkjær.


Inaguration 13th June 2024

Photo: From the left Benthe Marit Norheim, artist, Norway, Niels Mellergaard, landscape architect, Esben Danielsen, CEO, Claus Ørntoft, sculptor, Karsten Mungo Madsen, movie director, Knud Erik Schack Korsbjerg, rector, Jacob Frederiksen, sales manager and Peter Riis, international consultant.


Annual meeting 2024

Photo: From left: Chairman Jens Grønkjær reports, deputy chairman Svend-Erik Kristensen conducts, alderman Finn Berggren welcomes, treasurer Lis Tribler reports.

On Wednesday 15 May 2024, Harald Bluetooth's Guild held a Guild Assembly (annual meeting) at Kragerup Estate. Alderman Finn Berggren welcomed the guests, and chairman Jens Grønkjær gave a report. Treasurer Lis Tribler presented the accounts, and the Alderman told about the plans for the coming year, including upcoming inagurations, family day at Trelleborg, and the 10-year anniversary. All under the leadership of the conductor, Vice Chairman Svend-Erik Kristensen.

After the general meeting, Deputy Director Henriette Dudek spoke about the National Museum's strategy. Emily Ghadimi from the Embassy of Ireland spoke in connection with the Guild's exchange program with Ireland, where students from Ireland visit Denmark, and a Dane visits Ireland.

Last year it was Alexander Noort, and he spoke vividly about his experiences. Finally, the 50 participants had a lovely dinner.

Photo: Henriette Dudek, Nationalmuseet.

Photo: Emily Ghadimi, Embassy of Ireland, with Elderman and exchange student Alexander Noort.

Photos: Alan Thagaard


Inaguration 25th April 2024

Photo: From the left: Katja Nordgaard, Ambassador Norway, Felipe Cousino, Ambassador Chile, Fernanda Rodriguez, Embassy of Chile, Christina Ørgaard Berggren, Alliance Manager, samt Mohamed Karim Fouad Sharif Mahmou, Ambassador Egypt.

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Inaguration 16th April 2024

On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, Harald Bluetooth's Guild conducted the first admission here in its 10th anniversary year. We inagurated 7 new members.

Photo: From the left: Jacob Stryhn (Guild Agency), Simon Sears (Nominator), Lis Tribler (Guild Agency), Manager Leif Stiholt, Anette Borg (Guild Agency), Architect Hans Scheving, Head of Preventative Service Gorm Martin Larsen, Civil engineer Morten Rasmussen, Principal of School Kenneth Willander, Kenneth Munck (Nominator), Naval Officer Leanne Wray, Australia, Birgitte Dinesen (Guild Agency), Jens Grønkjær (Guild Agency), Former Editor-in-chief Torben Dalby Larsen, Alderman Finn Berggren (Guild Agency), and Svend-Erik Kristensen (Guild Agency).

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Inaguration 2nd October 2023

Photo: From the left Consul Simon Mears, Tanzania, CEO René Barington, Senior Partner Frederik Ahm Krag, Ambassador Tina Krce, Croatia, National Archivist Asbjørn Hellum, Director Jens Kristian Poulsen, Museum Manager Ruth Hedegaard, Director Søren Hansen, Ambassador Alan M Leventhal, USA, Sherry Leventhal, USA and principal Per Michael Johansen.

Photo: Deputy Mayor of Slagelse Municipality welcomes the new members at Kragerup Estate.

Photo: Estate owner Regitze Dinesen tells about Kragerup Estate.

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New members admitted on 27 September 2023

Photo: From left Marianne Stentebjerg, Anders Gjesing, Alan Thagaard, Erik Lindsøe, Pernille Hartmann Labusz, Anders Kolding and Philip Maury.

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Successful youth exchange project

Harald Bluetooth Guild can look back with great satisfaction on this summer's exchange project between Slagelse municipality and Waterford municipality in Ireland.

The exchange project has been a long time in the making, but in the spring the Guild succeeded in initiating a 5-year cooperation agreement with the great help of the Irish embassy in Copenhagen and the Danish embassy in Dublin.

In addition to Harald Bluetooth Guild, Slagelse Gymnasium, Slagelse-Antvorskov Rotary and Waterford Rotary have been involved in the process. The two latter Rotary clubs have been responsible for accommodation of the young high school students, while the program was organized by Trelleborg Museum and Harald Bluetooth Guild.

The lucky high school students who got the opportunity to learn about the respective countries' culture and Viking relations were Alexander Noort Hansen from Slagelse and Ben Aziri from Waterford.

The 18-year-old high school student Alexander Noort Hansen talks with great enthusiasm about his many experiences during his stay in Waterford. It is clear how much the great hospitality and attention from the local hosts has meant during Alexander's stay. I was introduced to places and official persons that I would never have had the opportunity to experience as an ordinary tourist, e.g. I met the mayor, says Alexander. Ireland's ambassador, Elizabet McCullough, has expressed thanks on social media for the cooperation with Slagelse Municipality and Harald Bluetooth Guild, and all parties look forward to the exchange of young people from Waterford and Slagelse Municipality in the coming years.

Photo: Ben Aziri in the middle with the Alderman, Finn Berggren and Museums director Anne Kristine Larsen in front of the Danish Parliament.