The first inauguration of the year to Harald Bluetooth Guild was a memorable day for the new candidates as well as for the Board of Harald Bluetooth Guild.

There were 7 new members who were invited to join Harald Bluetooth Guild during a festive setting.

Among the new members was Ukrainian Ambassador Mikhailo Vydoinyk. The ambassadors wife, Kristina Vydoinyk, was also attending the celebrations. Jane Dahl, deputy mayor and chairman of the Business, Employment and Education Committee, participated as the municipality’s representative in the Guild dinner at Kragerup Estate, where Birgitte Dinesen, member of the Guild Board, told about the history of Kragerup’s history.

In his speech, Ambassador Mikhailo Vydoinyk referred to the close relations between Denmark and Ukraine and expressed his gratitude for the support that the Danes had shown since the war broke out.

The ambassador also used the opportunity to highlight how the history of the Vikings, Ukraine and not least Kiev were linked.

On behalf of the Guild Board, alderman Finn Berggren expressed his thanks and appreciation to the new members and emphasized that the year’s first admission to Harald Bluetooth’s Guild had been so inspiring that the Guild Board could look forward to this year’s upcoming admissions with great expectations.

The new members and the Guild Board posing for the group photo on the main staircase at Kragerup Estate.

First row from the left: Birgitte Dinesen, Board member, Ambassador Mikhailo Vydoinyk, Finn Berggren, Board member, Arne Juul, Lars Grønkjær.

Second row from left: Claus Østergaard Olsen, Jane Dahl, Deputy Mayor, Henrik Sørensen, Jens Grønkjær, Board member, Michael Bach Rasmussen, Per Ankær.

Back row from left: Jacob Stryhn, Board member, Inge Grønvold, Guild member, Lis Tribler, Board member and Anette Borg, Board member.

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