Wednesday May 31st 2023 the Guild inaugurated 11 new members

Among the new members were the Irish ambassador Ms. Elizabeth McCullough, and vice ambassador Ms. Emily Ghadimi. The embassy has been an active party in the creation of an exchange programme, where a young Dane is sent to Ireland for a week in June, and a young Irishman the other way. Before the recording, the ambassador was received at Slagelse Town Hall by Deputy Mayor Jane Dahl.

After the inauguration the Alderman Finn Berggren welcomed the 43 participants to the Annual Meeting, held in the beautiful settings of Kragerup Estate. After the recording, the company went on to Kragerup Estates, where Harald Blåtand’s Guild has its Guild Room. Here another 32 members of the Guild came together to hold the annual Guild meeting, followed by dinner in the cozy Restaurant Blixen.

Before the dinner Ms. Anne-Christine Larsen, head of the Viking Museum at Trelleborg, spoke about the effort of the Danish Ring Castles to be recognized as UNESCO World Heritage.

Photo: The New Members. From left: Jørgen Klode, Michael Andersen, Lars Fischer Rasmussen, Brian Andersen, Carsten Fich-Olsen, Emily Ghadimi, Ejvind Sandal, Sven Ole Rosenkilde, Elizabeth McCullough, Vibeke Bagger og Peter Rasmussen.

Photo: Hasse Ferrold

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