On 27 August 2023, Harald Bluetooth Guild was able to welcome an unusual group of international business and cultural personalities who visited Trelleborg and the municipality for the first time.

It was about 20 so-called Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors from as many different countries from Tromsø in the North to Abu Dhabi and India – indeed, representing all parts of the world. The Goodwill Ambassadors, who are all Danish, have been selected by the organization Copenhagen Capacity/Greater Copenhagen based on their special opportunity and interest in promoting Zealand.

The many Goodwill Ambassadors were at home in Denmark for their annual meeting and had all accepted the offer to be accepted as members of Harald Bluetooth Guild.

The visit to the Viking Fortress and Trelleborg Museum was guided by museum director Anne Kristine Frank Larsen and Jens Grønkjær, HBL vice chairman, while Harald Bluetooth Guild prepared for their traditional inauguration ceremony.

The international Goodwill Ambassadors, many of whom had brought their spouses, continued to Kragerup Estates, where Harald Bluetooth Guild continued the inauguration ceremony. Deputy Mayor Jane Dahl welcomed and took the opportunity to talk about Slagelse Municipality and landowner Birgitte Dinesen told about the history of Kragerup Estate. The Goodwill Ambassadors were very enthusiastic about the visit and promised to promote Trelleborg and West Zealand as well as Harald Bluetooth Guild.

Photo: The international Goodwill Ambassadors, Copenhagen Capital arriving Trelleborg Viking Fortress.

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