It was an eventful few days for Harald Bluetooth Guild.

A few days after the inauguration of Goodwill Ambassadors, the Harald Bluetooth Guild was again in Trelleborg and received no less than three ambassadors, respectively Kim Hyung Gil and his wife Soo Kyung Yun from South Korea, Kevin Ayyalaraju from Australia and Georgia’s ambassador Nata Menabde. The diplomatic group was in the company of six Danish business and cultural people from all over the country as well as our local freighter Jens Ole Larsen.

Photo: The new members of Harald Bluetooth Guild (from left) former director of culture Finn Andersen, countess Judith of Rosenborg, ambassador Kerin Ayyalaraju, Australia, direktor Jesper Nygård, Realdania, count Ulrik af Rosenborg, ambassador Nata Menabde, Georgia, ambassador Kim Hyung Gil, South Korea, consulting engineer Martin Jensen, medical doctor Soo Kyung Yun, lawyer Peter Kofoed (Guild member)and freighter Jens Ole Larsen.

Photo: Hasse Ferrold

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Tags: , Last modified: 21. September 2023