Today – Sunday 17 September 2023 – we have received information that Unesco’s World Heritage Committee, which is currently meeting in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, has decided to include the five Danish Ring Fortresses built by Harald Bluetooth on Unesco’s World Heritage List.

There are 16 years of preparatory work behind the application, which in its final form constitutes a book “Nomination of Viking-Age Ring Fortresses for inclusion on the World Heritage List” of no less than 400 pages. (See photo of book).

The five ring castles, all built by Harald Bluetooth in the period 970-980, are Aggersborg by the Limfjord, Fyrkat by Hobro, Nonnebakken in Odense, Borgring in Køge and of course Trelleborg in Slagelse, the latter being considered to be the best preserved ring fortress.

Trelleborg was found as the first Ring Fortress in 1934, Aggersborg, Fyrkat and Nonnebakken were excavated in the 1950s and the last Borgring in Køge was investigated a few years ago.

The Danish Minister of Culture, Jacob Engel-Schmidt says: “It is a great day for Denmark and Danish history”. On behalf of Harald Bluetooth Guild, as the Alderman, I would like to express a big congratulations to Rane Willerslev, director of the Danish National Museum and to Anne Kirstine Frank Larsen, museum director of Trelleborg Museum. We are delighted that you are both members of Harald Bluetooth guild, and it is with pride that all of us members of Harald Bluetooth guild can continue our national and international task of spreading knowledge of Harald Bluetooth Guild, Trelleborg Ring Fortress and the Viking Age.

Photo: The book ”Nomination of Viking-Age Ring Fortresses for inclusion on the World Heritage List.”

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